5 Major Reasons Why Drywalls Get Damaged

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For homeowners, fixing their drywall could be stressful. Even though it does not necessarily mean that you will repair the damage yourself, but you will still be worried about it to happen again. To know what the major reasons why your drywall gets damaged are, Alberta Drywall Edmonton prepared the list below: 

Plumbing leaks 

Water damage is one of the top causes why your drywall breaks. The moment your drywall is not installed properly or is already older, you might encounter a few problems in the future. Damaged drywall is one of these issues. Once you can see that you have bulging drywall, check and fix the damaged line, which could be hidden there, right away. After that, you can either cover the drywall or replace it.  

Poor fastening 

Upon installing your drywall, most likely, it is attached with the use of a joint fastening tape. As time passes by, this thick fastening tape could become loose because of age or moisture, resulting to warp the drywall that it holds together. This can be very apparent once it happens in your walls. Occasionally, it would look obvious if drywall is installed poorly using nails that pop through the walls. This occurs especially when drywall nails are not securely placed in the stud. If you can see a nail that pops through your walls, avoid to hammer it back to where it is. It is recommended that you get it and look for the stud before you nail it back in place.  


Once the drywall is poorly installed, cracks can definitely happen. Usually, this takes place in ceilings. Once you notice some cracks, you must call a professional to fix the damage immediately. Cracked drywall is certainly a safety problem. If you have observed that your drywall cracks often, have your roof inspected by a trusted roofer company. To make this simple, you should never neglect cracking since it will only become worse and bigger, which could result to be a hassle and costly repair.  

Termite damage 

For several homeowners, termites have been one of their main concerns. Contact an exterminator immediately once you notice termite damage in your drywall. This damage could be determined by wood damage, damaged paint, a hollow noise as you strike you wall, and pinholes.  


Holes are the most apparent damage that your drywall can have. In a wall, any kind of hole is believed a structural problem. Holes could occur due to several factors like furniture and doors that are hitting and bumping unintentionally against the wall. Your kid’s toys could also be one of its causes. Guarantee that you cover it are have it fixed as soon as you can once you notice them in your walls.  

If ever you have any damage to your drywall, it is best if you seek professional help from the experts of Residential Drywall Company. At times, the damage could lead to an even more serious problem once it is not properly fixed. Contact Commercial Drywall Company for a free consultation and check out our other services when it comes to drywall services. 


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